Smart Moves – Repositioning your Global Mobility brand


Efficient, effective and on brand internal comms solutions enable businesses to fully tap into the unique knowledge, insights and talents of their people, whilst ensuring employees understand how they can grow and benefit from the business and brand objectives.

As a result, this helps position a company for long-term growth and profitable results in an increasingly competitive talent market. In the current business climate, this is even more apparent in the area of global mobility (GM).

International expansion and entry into new markets is on the business agenda for most companies, so as business needs and expectations change, the role of global mobility is also entering new territory.

Traditionally, the role of a GM programme had been very transactional, informative and process driven. With focus on short-term needs,  ‘one-size fits all’ straight forward and hassle free relocation for the assignee and their family.

However, as global deployments increase, business objectives change, the one-dimensional approach to GM is no longer applicable.

Smart GM teams are reacting with engaging in-house communications strategies, – addressing challenges and delivering tools that help their assignees feel valued and informed. With the most switched on companies delivering highly personal bespoke programmes for their assignees.

If an employee has a positive and supported GM experience by way of a well communicated and transparent communications programme before and during transition, then into the settling in phase, this enables them to understand what the experience looks and feels like before the relocation specialists arrive. The likelihood of a seamless transition to a new country and culture is then tenfold. Even better, if the company considers the assignees family and creates tools and communications that can be shared.

Technology plays a key part in the new GM strategy and can dramatically improve the entire process in terms of embracing a more ‘advisory’ positioning. A central online system can address administrative compliance issues and other red tape information, but also ensure the avenues of communication are always open with assignees.

Moving large communities of talent on a project basis opens opportunities to offer bespoke tools to deliver not only the administrative piece, but also local key information – this is key specifically as an assignment can mean assimilating into a completely new culture.

The smallest details can be shared and communicated by the GM team, who are likely to have the knowledge, the contacts and the first hand experience to deliver this key information but would struggle to deliver this on an individual basis.

A portal with a knowledge bank that can be built with learnings and findings can be invaluable to make the assignees feel familiar and connected. Building in an online community discussion portal can deliver the ultimate message of transparency, and utilise valuable knowledge from employees already on the ground.

Ultimately, developing people and ensuring they feel supported and part of the process, especially when undertaking a global assignment improves retention, positions a company for long-term growth and ensures profitable results in an increasingly global market.

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